CSS proudly introduces the LX5000, the world’s first wireless polygraph!

With your choice of wired USB connectivity, or cutting edge wireless Bluetooth® technology, you can simultaneously record an unlimited number of channels. The system’s modular design is completely expandable, allowing for simple and inexpensive hardware upgrades. The modules’ small, compact design makes transport and storage very easy.

  • Data transfer rate up to 360 samples per second across all channels
  • 23-bit analog to digital conversion
  • Extended measurement ranges
  • Wireless module includes rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • GSR and PLE channels on one module
  • Choice of electronic or pneumatic Pneumograph module
  • Rugged design, yet lightweight
  • Operates with same trusted and state-of-the-art LX Software

Wireless Modules

USB Wired Modular Setup

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