Sharpshooter SQ-E Portable Explosive Detector

Sharpshooter SQ-E Portable Explosive Detector is a best-in-class extremely sensitive detector which detects a broad range of explosives. It is equally suitable for law enforcers as well as small to large organizations like airports, hotels, shopping malls, railway/bus stations etc.

Salient Features

  • Amplified Fluorescence Polymer Quenching Sensor Technology. Extremely High Sensitivity.
  • Wide Detection Range. Able to Detecl Nitroaromatics/Black Powder/Nitrates/Ammonium Nitrates/Peroxides/IED etc.
  • In compliance wilh Police Equipment Adaptability Standard. Approved by National lndustry Standards. Applicable for Onsite Detection in Tough Environment.
  • Handheld Portable. <570g in Weight. Operation Noise < 50Db.
  • Vary easy to use. No special training required.
  • Super Fast Response. LED indicator, Flickering Alarm.

Technical Specification

Basic Parameters

Sampling Method: Gas Sampling/Dipstick Sampling

Sensiiivity: TNT (1-10Fg)

Startup Time: < 3 Seconds

Response Time: 1-10 Seconds

Alarm: Flickering, Text, Remote, Humming (Default disabled. one button activate)

Display: 2.4″ Color LCD Display

Operation Mode: Handheld, Portable, Single Hand Operation

Power: Rechargeable batteries; 220Vac/50Hz

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Battery Working Hours: >11 Hours

Anti Jamming: Electromagnetic Shield

Remote Communication: Bluetooth


Operation Features

Portability: <1000g including manual and sampling material

Portable Detector Weight: <570g

Product Size (LXWXH) 300x95x55(mm)

Calibration: Not Required

Easy Operation: Independent Operation afler 30min Training

Environment Humidity: < 95%

Environment Temperature: -20 ~ +50°C

Noise at Work: <50Db

If You're a Law Enforcer and Want to Find the Truth Stored in a Suspect's Brain, Don't Hesitate to Give Us a Call!

Highly Sensitive, Affordable & Portable Explosive Detector

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