LX4000 Polygraph

Hardware Innovations:

  • New USB Interface enables the LX4000 to communicate with virtually any Windows based PC. This design does not require batteries or external power.
  • Simlutaneously displaying and recording seven input signals etc
  • Small & Compact, making transportation easier.
  • Redesigned EDA Circuit has a greater operating range, increased sensitivity and subject isolation.

Software Innovations:

  • Windows Media Video (WMV) Support
  • Redesigned Preference Window; Customize background colors and change the ‘Look & Feel’ of your system.
  • “Print All” Capability
  • Customized Personal History Print;
    Subject’s photo and/or finger print can be recorded and stored for later use
  • Redesigned Annotation Toolbars
  • Import Photo
  • Watermark Support
  • Drug Reference Seeding
  • Improved Diagnostic Technical Support
  • Video recording and playback
  • Enhanced CD/DVD Recording Support
  • Preview only mode
  • Reset to Default Capability
  • Support for Additional Video Compressors
  • Keyboard shortcut for cantering all traces.

Lie Detector Software

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